LCL and FCL are the two major shipping options available when shipping goods across the sea by containers. LCL means less than container load, while FCL means full container load.
As their names imply, FCL involves shipping your goods in a full container. With this option, you pay for the entire container so only your goods occupy the whole space. This option is usually selected by shippers that have a large volume of goods, enough to fill a 20 or 40-foot container. But many also opt for FCL when their goods are near enough to fill the container that the difference does not matter. The tipping point for this is usually around 10 cubic meters (CBM).
LCL involves sharing container space with shipments belonging to other people. While FCL lets you control an entire container, LCL consolidates your shipment with those of others. Shipping less than a container load is an option often explored by people shipping smaller volumes or looking for flexible delivery options. LCL is typically considered for shipments that weigh between 1 to 10 CBM.
LTL is the same but within inland shipments usually one truck is picking one by one the cargoes from different locations and suppliers to different destinations and consignees.
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